MTTC Group is an international trading company located in Saudi Arabia that has extensive experience in global industrial supply. We are focused on supplying industrial products for both government and private sectors in the field of infrastructure, energy, and construction all Gulf countries.

Our primary commitment is to provide professional, competitive, and expert services, with the understanding that true support must contribute to our customers’ success, and thereby enable them to achieve high quality.

MTTC Group has continued to strive and remain at the top in this industry since all our products are manufactured according to the international standards. We are cautious and care for the environment, during manufacturing, recyclable materials, and materials that are less harmful to the environment are strictly used and encouraged.

We always ensure that all international transactions between us and potential clients are conducted professionally and fairly, our values of integrity and honesty in all our transactions are aimed at meeting the international standards when supplying our products at affordable prices while building world-class partnerships as well as relationships with our customers.

Our Mission:

Perceiving customer needs at the utmost level by providing them flexibility in sourcing, competitive prices, on-time deliveries, and customized solutions for unique needs.
Ensuring attentive, effective, and proactive customer service and personalized attention to customers.
Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers.
Sustaining our reputation as a reliable, customer-oriented, dynamic player in the market.
Achieving profitable growth, operational, and organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics.

Our Vision:

Being distributor, a globally recognized company established world-wide with excellence in organizational structure.
Re-defining the standards of ‘customer service’ by exceeding customer expectations.
Being admired for our business values and ethics.
Keeping our name synonymous with reliability, customer satisfaction, and innovation.
Being the “preferred choice” both for customers, traders, and employees.
Bringing inspiration and being a model for companies who are willing to reach their dreams.