Confindustria Mantova gathers and processes information and data regarding industry and industrial problems.

Furthermore it supplies all useful information , service and advice related to general and specific business problems for members.

It promotes the development of an awareness of the social role of the business and industrial class in our society and between manufactures operating in our territorial industry.

Provincial industry and associated firms are represented in relationship to institutions, administrations, economic organizations as well as to political, trade-union and social organizations.

It helps in reaching aims related to territorial development with stimulating proposals, research and criticism.

Confindustria Mantova is a body representing the Industrial Organization , technostructure of services for undertakings, a meeting point for protagonists of the territorial economic development.

400 local firms, characterized by their variety and multiform structure and over 40 sectors pertaining to the technology of commerce, are represented by the Mantuan Industrialist’ Association.

Its structure is basically made up of small firms, I.E. firms which have less than 50 employees (74% ) and which represent the local manufacturing base, together with the medium-size industry ( 21%) and big industry ( 5% ).

The Mantuan firms are to be found about 2.338 kmq. , distributed over all 68 municipal areas which are grouped together in four homogeneous areas.

The territorial distribution emphasizes the Mantuan business typology and its important connective role.