Confindustria Lombardia is the Lombardy’s Entrepreneurial Federation.
Founded in 1971, it is composed by 9 associations with 13 thousand companies and 700 thousand employees, nearly a quarter of the entire system of Confindustria:

Confindustria Bergamo
Confindustria Brescia
Confindustria Como
Associazione industriali di Cremona
Confindustria Lecco e Sondrio
Confindustria Alto Milanese
Confindustria Mantova
Assolombarda - Associazione Industriale Lombarda dei territori di Milano, Lodi, Monza e Brianza, Pavia
Unione degli industriali della Provincia di Varese

Confindustria Lombardia - by cooperating with both Italian and international political institutions and economic and social organisations as well as Universities and research centers - aims to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of Lombardy’s enterprises. Mission and Values: Guaranteeing the central importance of industry, the driver of Lombard economic, social and civil development; Representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels (Regione Lombardia, European Commission), contributing to social well-being and progress. From this standpoint we guarantee increasingly diversified, efficient and modern services.