The Associazione Industriali della Provincia di Cremona is – since 1945 - the association that represents the local industrial system.

Its members are companies based in the province that operate in all the different production sectors, but prevalently food and confectionery, machinery, iron and steel, and chemicals.

The Association qualifies by size as the most representative of the provincial industrial system with roughly 450 business members, companies that employ an aggregate total of 22,000 people.

AIC is a member of Confindustria, Italy’s leading association of industrial companies, and its main purpose is to safeguard the interests of its business members on the economic, trade union and tax fronts and to represent them in relations with the local institutions and administrations. In addition to its institutional role, the association is a place for meetings and discussions, a vehicle through which the companies that operate in the local area can connect and develop synergies. It assists its business members in the internationalization process, the implementation of appropriate training courses for their employees, provides advice and assistance for the management of human resources, on tax and environmental matters, and on credit and subsidised financing.