The membership structure of our Association reflects the enterpreneurial excellence and vitality of the Province (Brescia). The economic specialization of the area is focused on:

Metal industry ferrous and non ferrous metals – and the production of metal products. The steelwork industry is a worldwide excellence characterized by higher flexibility, lower environmental impact and lower investments. Non-ferrous semi-finished products are the main input of various sectors connected with the construction industry (metal ceilings, doors and windows, heaters, taps, valves and household goods).

Mechanical sector: production of industrial machines and machine tools (e.g. presses, robots and textile machines). Metal and plastic moulding machines and textile machines have made Brescia internationally renowned. Furthermore, local companies hold a position of undisputed leadership in the specialized sector of injection moulding machines. Other relevant divisions are: foodtech and food processing technologies, plastics and rubber machinery, lifting and handling equipment, agricultural machinery, automotive (trucks, aluminium alloy wheels, components for power train/chassis/original equipment/after market), etc.

Chemical industry (rubber products connected to many sectors, such as gaskets).

Food industry: in particular dairy products (aged and soft cheese and other by-products) and wine (high quality and specialized production of sparkling wine).

The highlights that define our companies and their attitude are:

Market - orientation thanks to a very high level of production flexibility and specialization. These features guarantee a fast and effective response;

High level of know-how upstream and downstream of the production chain;

High reliability in terms of quality, delivery speed and customer satisfaction;

R&D activities and investments.