Confindustria Alto Milanese is an associate member of CONFINDUSTRIA (Italian Entrepreneurial Association), and was founded on 4th May 1945, in the aftermath of the Second World War when some local companies decided to gather together and react to the ravages of war.
The Association has ever since been representing the interests connected with the development of local industries, who have been acting in careful and constant liaison with the Institutions and the different political, economic and social organizations, at all levels, from the local to the international one.

“Alto Milanese” is the name given to a geographical area in which roughly 240,000 people live, that encompasses 23 municipalities in the northwest of the Province of Milan, in Lombardy Region. The territory is close to the major communication lines (motorways, railways and Malpensa intercontinental airport) and the city of Milan, as well as a highly qualified school/university system. The history of Alto Milanese is deeply rooted in the manufacturing sector and the area is widely known as the cradle of the industrial revolution in Italy.

Confindustria Alto Milanese currently represents 420 Alto Milanese companies between producers and service providers, which employ more than 15,000 people. The members of the association fully reflect the business fabric of the area, a mix of large, medium and small companies that operate in a broad spectrum of sectors: Metals and Machinery, Services, Textiles, Chemicals-Plastics-Rubber, Construction-Materials-Plants, Tanning and Footwear.